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Common FAQs when looking to buy a new shed

There are lots of different options for shed bases. The first thing to think about is what condition your existing ground is in.

The existing ground is concrete or a patio

If the existing ground where you'd like to place your new shed is a hard surface then you can build it directly onto that surface.

The existing ground is grass or soil

If you are placing a shed on ground that is grass or soil then you'll need to prepare your base first.

You can lay a concrete base or patio slabs or you could install a timber or plastic frame.

Think about the base position

Remember to measure and mark out where your shed will go. If you're placing it close to a wall or fence then take note of any roof overhang and its height. Most sheds have an overhang on the roof which will stick out further than the base dimensions.

If you intend to have your shed close upto a fence you will need to know the same of the gap you'll need to leave. If your shed of going under a tree then make sure you check the height too.

Smaller wooden shed installation time

Smaller wooden sheds typically take a few hours to put together and can be up in just half a day.

The most time consuming and important part is making sure you have the base right.

Summerhouses and log cabin installation time

Larger garden structures take a couple of days to install. You'll also need a helping hand as most require someone to hold up a wall while the other secures it.

Each shed supplier has a different delivery timescale. Some have the sheds in stock and can arrange quick delivery within 2 or 3 days. Others will get their supplier to dropship it, which means it will come directly from the mnufacturer, this can take 5 to 10 working days

Sometimes sheds are made to order and you might have to wait between 2 or 4 weeks.

We've created a list of all the average delivery times for the suppliers on our site.

If you're building a small wooden shed it will usually not be cost effective to build your own. The raw timber will cost roughly the same as the price to purchase a shed from a store. Then you have to include the price of the screws, nails, hinges and roofing felt which you might have to buy in larger packs than needed.

If however, you're building a larger summerhouse or garden office, you can save money by builing it yourself.

You'll need to plan it well and it will take more time but if you enjoy DIY then you'll not only save money but have fun at the same time.